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Entrepreneur Learning Village $30 per month.  First month free.

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Entrepreneur Learning Village  

You are Not Alone Any More

I was alone in a sea of doubters. I was ridiculed for twenty years as I spent my money and time trying get out of the rat race. I had to learn it all from scratch because I didn’t have a mentor to rely on who could show me the resources all around me.  I don’t want any one else to go through the same struggles I did. If you don’t want to go it alone any more, I have created something just for you.

 Join together with other like-minded entrepreneurs in a mutually supportive atmosphere of learning and growth. Access the team of mentors you can depend on to give you help when you need it. Get practical knowledge and Uncommon Wisdom at your fingertips to spot and avoid pitfalls, recognize and catch opportunities, smell the sweet smell of success … and disprove the doubters.

Engaged Service

  • Threaded Questions and Answers
  • Document Templates
  • Checklists
  • Monthly Telecoms

Learning Areas

·       Marketing

·       Management

·       Sales

·       Systems

·       Business Plans

·       Strategy

·       Operations

·       Growth

·       Improvement


For $1 per month, you will learn practical time-tested business principles along with the new breakthrough technologies.

How to Join:

Click on this link and fill out the information. Then you will be invited to the village:

$30 per month.  First month free.

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Engaged Services

Join the village that is filled with only entrepreneurs like you. Become part of the community that sets you apart in performance. Get mentored by experts and supported by other entrepreneurs. Learn grow achieve and prosper.

Threaded Questions and Answers

You won’t be lonely any more. Bond with other entrepreneurs, make friends and learn about business. Use your computer to post questions and get them answered by the mentors and other villagers. Read and discuss questions posted by other like-minded entrepreneurs. Learn business principles and brainstorm valuable ways to apply them to your business.

Document Templates

As you grow your business, there will be times when you need materials. Look in the file system, if what you need isn’t there, ask a mentor. If you have something great, share it with the group. If we all band together, we can build a wonderful library of useful resources.


What is the difference between doing something good and doing something great? The answer to that is in the checklists. As key topics come up about breakthrough principles that make a difference in business, we will create checklists to capture the key wisdom. When you take on your next project, pull the checklist for that topic and remember how to be great.

$30 per month.  First month free.

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“RegularGuys worked me out of a jam, with their viewing my situation in ways I never thought of before.  Their efforts helped me, help my company.”

Harold Brittain President ATM Inc.

“I was still active in my former career (branding and marketing communications) when I met Adam and the other Regular Guys. Adam has a great analytical mind. He added to my understanding of what motivates people.” September 5, 2006

Gerhard Ade, Real Estate Consultant, Brio Realty Inc
was Adam's client

“Through a bit of luck, I ended up being a client of Adam's, along with the other Regular Guys, while I was trying to steer Bot.Net through the collapse of the bubble. Adam was the lead consultant. I was impressed with his capabilities and his work ethic - and knowledge in the process, systems, and business strategy space. His concern and guidance definitely helped us through this difficult time.” July 16, 2006

Dan Fine, Founder and Partner, Fine Business Solutions
was Adam's client

“I highly recommend Adam for any process related engineering consulting work. His deep understanding and experience lends him to be one of the most trusted advisors in his field of expertise.” July 12, 2006

Dave Swartzendruber, EVP Sales & Marketing, BluWater Consulting
was with another company when working with Adam at Regular Guys Consulting

“We had the most fun with Adam and his crew. We learned tons with his help all the way. It was a very painless experience to put our business on the right track and improving the bottom line.” July 11, 2006

Kristen Harris, Co-Owner, D. L. Harris Homes, LLC
was Adam's client


$30 per month.  First month free.

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Or click here if you don't want to join right now.


 RegularGuys Mentors

Adam J. Betcher:  President

Adam Betcher PhotoDo you own a business? 

Where is your life today in relationship to your dreams?


Adam helps business leaders fulfill their personal and professional dreams through the application of uncommon wisdom.


Adam has been creating and applying breakthroughs in all areas of human development and business for almost two decades. Adam sifts through and questions conventional knowledge; reads over fifty books per year to uncover the gems; and applies the difference that makes a difference for you now. Adam will coach you through the process of accessing uncommon wisdom for yourself and your business.


Adam is constantly seeking to increase his value to you by attending courses and earning certifications including: •Jay Abraham Marketing Expert, •Theory Of Constraints Jonah, •Certified Character Coach, •Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University, •Certified professional coach, •Master Practitioner in NLP, •BS in eBusiness from the University Of Phoenix. •Advanced certification in Project Management from Stanford University and •A dual MBA in Finance and Marketing from New York Institute of Technology.


Steve Dightman

A yellow roseA yellow roseSteve has 27 years experience with adult education in a Fortune 15 Company. He developed, consulted, and taught a wide range of technical and organizational effectiveness courses. He brings extensive skills and experience in entrepreneurial, technical, and professional training to any engagement. Steve’s core background involves design, manufacturing, and maintenance in the electronics, computer hardware, computer software applications, numerical control machine tools, and controls systems.


In 1990 he had a life-changing experience realizing that society’s ability to think and work collectively, not technology, is the predominate key to accomplishment in industry today. Since that time his personal thesis is the study and application of Theory, Methods, and Tools (TMT) for creating highly effective organizations.


Steve is a TOC Jonah, Certified Performance Technologist, Certified Professional Coach, and an NLP Master Practitioner.

$30 per month.  First month free.

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